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+2 College of Science, Mangement with Hotel Management | Best College In Pokhara.




Balodaya Marga

Pokhara - Lekhnath, Kaski, Nepal

06:30 - 19:00

Sunday to Friday


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Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

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Monday to Friday

About Us


Balodaya College of Management was formally incepted in the year 2045 B.S. as Balodaya English Boarding School. Since, its inception has been able to disseminate latest quality education to the students through highly skilled academicians. The existing strong physical infrastructure like well equipped library, laboratory, latest modelled computers with e-mail and internet facilities have added in the venture to ahead in extending its wing as college of management.The school targets to install in students outstanding quality education of international or global standard. Students are encouraged and ensured to conduct various management training courses, organize seminar and papers, counsel for abroad study, visit with subject experts, and many more. The institutions future mission is to extend B.sc. and IT programmes. The ideal, academic location at Pardi, Birauta in the quiet atmosphere away from the bustling of city, spacious playground, invigorating transport,playing within the city and accomodation facility are the assurances that have contributed to established B.H.S.S. as an ideal study


Why Study Management:

 Management study produces tomorrow’s businessmen,top global executives,bankers,management academics,leaders & many more..Therefore study of management directs student to extend managerial skills & business studies which are much demanded in the present day of global business & markets. Balodaya College of Management offers course of latest developments like Accountancy,Computer Science,Marketing,Business Mathematics & so on,which train and orient students to be the leading executives and scholars in the field of management.


Our Mission And Vision:

 Our Mission commitment is to ensure excellence in education through excavation of latent talents that lie submerged within the inner recesses of students’ mind; strengthen individual competence and establish each one as eligible candidate in both local and global business markets. Balodaya H.S.School envisions achievements of the principles and holds a strong faith in Never a stagnant pond but an ever following river. Teaching Learning Methodology ( Pedagogical Approaches) What is most important of every college is its pedagogical approaches. Balanced theoretical & practical dissemination of knowledge and skill is what is enviably imitate about this college. The following strategies are applied to meet global pedagogical requirements:

• Classroom discussion and interaction
• Self study along with experts supervision
• Application of computer based teaching techniques with multimedia projector
• Theoretical studies combining with research works, case studies, seminars & so on
• Individual dealings.
• Field & industry visit

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